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House Cleaning


Give us a call to get a free estimate.  This estimate is based on many factors and can only be given once we have spoken to you or your home.  Such factors include:

  • The size of your home

  • The cleaning schedule (weekly, twice per month, monthly, etc)

Before and/or After Party Cleaning

Feel proud of the home your friends and family will enjoy the special occasion.


 We offer many services, including this hourly based service. Any time you are having a special get together call us and we'll make sure your house is sparkling for all your guests to admire.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Moving is a stressful time for everyone.  Let us help! We provide move in/out cleaning services giving you one less thing to worry about. Call us, we'll sort out the cleaning for you. All our services are guaranteed and should you not be satisfied with any of the cleaning, we come back the next day to make it right.

Key pick-up / Drop off and automatic payments


We offer hassle-free key pick / drop off for your convenience. If you want to assign a key to us, just let us know and we'll make the necessary arrangements with you, that way, you don't even have to worry about writing a check.


Deep Spring Cleaning


Every home needs a little help at least once a year (some times more often)Wouldn’t it be a shame to spend the best weather in Texas inside scrubbing and scouring? Leave the tedious and hard work to us. We'll tackle all the areas you need and leave your home gleaming.

Dusting and Construction Clean-ups


If you've recently remodeled your home, the last thing you want to do is to have to clean also. Call us whenever you need a construction, dust removal, remodel or any other type of cleaning. You won't regret it.

What to expect:

  •   Vacuum with upright vacuum cleaner (including edges and hardwoods -if hardwoods are requested)

  •   Furniture dust removal (using Pledge®)

  •   Wash floors and baseboards (using disinfectant)

  •   Dust furniture, sills, ledges, woodwork, ceiling fans and wall hangings (using a feather duster or cloth)

  •   Clean window blinds, door knobs and light switches (with a disinfectant)

  •   Make beds, change linens (if clean linens are provided)

  •   Clean shine and disinfect bathroom (including fixtures, countertops and floors - with Clorox Cleanup® and disinfectant)

  •   Clean kitchen (including sinks, appliance exteriors, countertops, items on countertops, spot-clean cabinet fronts and table and chair legs)

  •   Load dishwasher with dirty dishes (if necessary)

  •   Clean inside microwave

  •   Empty trash containers and take them to a central collection point 

Other tasks such as window washing, oven chean-up, refrigerator clean-up, cabinet cleaning, front and rear porch sweeping, wall washing, cleaning under heavy furniture, cleaning garages may be incorporated into your assignment and price quote.

Inside Oven/Refrigerator


Everyone's refrigerator needs a good clean now and then.  Food spills that you may have not noticed at the time the food went into it come up over time. Let us do the interior cleaning of it for you.  


Like our refrigerators, ovens also need special cleaning attention from time to time.  Maybe those turkey juices got out of control during Thanksgiving.  Just let us know when you need it and we are happy to add this additional service to your regular cleaning service.


Interior Walls Clean-up


Interior walls can get dirty just like any other part of your house.  Many walls just need a good scrub to get rid of food splashes, little handprints or dust. The cleaning process depends on the paint type on the walls, some painted walls are not washable and therefore you need to kee in mind a painter will need to be contacted by you if necessary.


Hourly Service

Sometimes we need extra help on very specific areas of our home. W can schedule an hourly based service for any area of your home. Please be aware that our hourly services can only be scheduled for at least 2 hours (the minimum charge for an hourly service is $225.00+Tax for 3 ladies or $150.00 for two ladies)



We would like to give you some sample pricing to help you determine what the cost of cleaning your home may be. These are guidelines and will be affected by various factors.


A home within a size range listed below, that is cleaned twice per month can expect to pay:


     1500-2000 Sq. Ft. home  –  $125.00 + Tax

     2000-2300 Sq. Ft home   –  $145.00 + Tax 

     2300-2600 Sq. Ft. home  – $160.00 + Tax

     2600-2900 Sq. Ft. home  – $185.00 + Tax

     2900-3300 Sq. Ft. home  – $205.00 + Tax

     3300-4000 Sq. Ft. home  – $230.00 + Tax

     4000-4500 Sq. Ft. home –  $255.00 + Tax

     4500-5000 Sq. Ft. home –  $280.00 + Tax

     5000-5500 Sq. Ft. home –  $330.00 + Tax

     5500-6000 Sq. Ft. home –  $360.00 + Tax

* Please note that the first cleaning we perform has a surcharge of $20 - $100 depending on the size of the house.

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